the-birth-of-county-cricket Reviews 

The birth of County Cricket

Cricket is the second most popular spectator sport in the world, after football. It originated in the South East of England in the late 16th century and it became the country’s national game in the 1700’s. Inter county cricket matches are known to have been played since this time. The most successful county teams at this time were Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex.

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marketing-trends-that-are-affecting-the-dental-industry Reviews 

Marketing trends that are affecting the dental industry

The dental industry is changing in a big way. Those who market to dentists, whether on the supplier or manufacturing side, need to bear this in mind. However, it should also be remembered that the provision of the very best possible service for the customer will remain a priority. A positive and memorable experience is the foundation for success. Image Credit Three key trends to guarantee positive customer engagement within the fast changing industry are laid out below. 1. Online influence Having a website has long been considered an important…

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a-bloomin-good-idea Reviews 

A Bloomin’ Good Idea

Floristry is a rewarding career as you experience the highs and lows of human existence. You will arrange the bouquet for an excited bride-to-be and then you may do flowers for her first child’s christening or naming ceremony. However, you will also be there for the funeral flowers when families are at their lowest. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will be upbeat occasions and so will birthdays and anniversaries. There are many occasions throughout the year that require the work of a florist and so it can be a very…

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dorsets-spooky-secrets-spooks-of-the-south-coast2 Reviews 

Dorset’s Spooky Secrets – Spooks of the South Coast

Dorset is probably best well known for being one of England’s most beautiful counties. Home of the Jurassic Coast, attracting both historians looking for ancient treasures and families looking for a day at the beach, Dorset has it all. Further inland, sleepy villages nestled in amongst a patchwork of fields where time can seem to stand still. Of course, it is a thriving and modern county also, modern businesses such as Dorset web design company  blend with the old, traditional Portland stone buildings. But beneath the seaside atmosphere, and…

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the-real-ironman2 Reviews 

The real Ironman?

Think you’re tough enough to swim 25 km, cycle for up to 20 hours and run just over 80 km? All in just one week? Well that is the typical training program for anyone wanting to enter the Ironman Contest. The contest takes 3 of the toughest sports and combines them into an incredibly challenging triathlon. Image credit The contest, which culminates in the World Championship, is the toughest one-day endurance race known to man. It covers 140 miles and includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and…

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how-to-pick-the-right-carpet-material-for-your-home Reviews 

How To Pick the Right Carpet Material For Your Home

Picking the right carpet for your home is essential, because carpets come in a variety of different textures and fibres. Everyone’s home is different and what may be right for one home, may not be suitable for another. For example, a family home typically has more traffic, so requires a carpet that offers durability and is less likely to stain. Image Credit If you have pets, this could affect your choice of carpet or carpet tiles. Good Housekeeping has some handy tips for choosing the right carpet material. Here are…

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10-top-bots-for-the-office-worker Reviews 

10 top bots for the office worker

As people login on their tablets on the journey to the office or even work from home, the need for apps to help you out is increasingly important. That is where bots come in. You can chat to these AI-powered ‘virtual people’ on platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Slack to ask for information, help with making a purchase or to do automated tasks for you. We have looked at the top 10 bots for office workers.

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your-autumn-guide-to-pairing-tees-and-jeans-in-a-simple-but-chic-style Reviews 

Your autumn guide to pairing tees and jeans in a simple but chic style

Autumn brings with it plenty of opportunity to get creative and play with fashion. With denim always on-trend, there are a number of ways in which you can pair your jeans with a T-shirt to create a sensational style that can suit all casual occasions. Image Credit Boyfriend jeans chic Boyfriend jeans are a hot fashion staple and pairing a comfy pair with a fitted tee makes a great statement. This is feminine yet fun and you can create a look that is casual yet on-trend. Black and white Contrast…

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we-all-scream-for-ice-cream Reviews 

We All Scream for Ice Cream

When it comes to popular foods, ice cream is sure to be top of most people’s lists and can be a good investment for a catering business. Whether you opt for a traditional ice cream parlour or a mobile business at farmers’ markets and festivals, there are plenty of ways to diversify. Image Credit Classic products Although ice cream has been around for many hundreds of years, it has only really been commercially viable since the advent of mechanical refrigeration. Previously it required simply too much ice to keep it…

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capturing-the-weird-and-wonderful-in-wedding-locations Reviews 

Capturing the Weird and Wonderful in Wedding Locations

The excitement of planning a wedding is second to none. But with that excitement comes the immense pressure of making decisions that are just right for you and your partner. No wonder then that many couples are choosing to make their day, along with their wedding photographs, extra special by saying their vows in increasingly weird and wonderful places. Image Credit Adventure seekers Some high-flying couples have dared to say “I do” whilst wing-walking on the side of the plane, whilst underwater weddings remain a popular choice for diving enthusiasts….

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