your-autumn-guide-to-pairing-tees-and-jeans-in-a-simple-but-chic-style Reviews 

Your autumn guide to pairing tees and jeans in a simple but chic style

Autumn brings with it plenty of opportunity to get creative and play with fashion. With denim always on-trend, there are a number of ways in which you can pair your jeans with a T-shirt to create a sensational style that can suit all casual occasions. Image Credit Boyfriend jeans chic Boyfriend jeans are a hot fashion staple and pairing a comfy pair with a fitted tee makes a great statement. This is feminine yet fun and you can create a look that is casual yet on-trend. Black and white Contrast…

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we-all-scream-for-ice-cream Reviews 

We All Scream for Ice Cream

When it comes to popular foods, ice cream is sure to be top of most people’s lists and can be a good investment for a catering business. Whether you opt for a traditional ice cream parlour or a mobile business at farmers’ markets and festivals, there are plenty of ways to diversify. Image Credit Classic products Although ice cream has been around for many hundreds of years, it has only really been commercially viable since the advent of mechanical refrigeration. Previously it required simply too much ice to keep it…

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capturing-the-weird-and-wonderful-in-wedding-locations Reviews 

Capturing the Weird and Wonderful in Wedding Locations

The excitement of planning a wedding is second to none. But with that excitement comes the immense pressure of making decisions that are just right for you and your partner. No wonder then that many couples are choosing to make their day, along with their wedding photographs, extra special by saying their vows in increasingly weird and wonderful places. Image Credit Adventure seekers Some high-flying couples have dared to say “I do” whilst wing-walking on the side of the plane, whilst underwater weddings remain a popular choice for diving enthusiasts….

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a-guide-to-problem-birds-starlings Reviews 

A guide to problem birds – starlings

Starlings are considered significant pests in both cities and rural areas due to their eating, flocking and nesting habits. This article considers their nuisance behaviour and available control methods. Image Credit Nuisance Starlings cause a nuisance in a number of ways. Firstly, they nest in any suitable hole or crevice and, due to their aggressive nature, they can take over the nesting sites of other, smaller birds, often watching the other birds complete their nest before taking it over and therefore damaging small bird populations. In addition, they often nests…

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5-more-ways-you-could-be-spoiling-your-cars-paintwork Reviews 

5 More Ways You Could Be Spoiling Your Car’s Paintwork

Taking care of your car’s paintwork is important not just to keep the vehicle looking good, but also to preserve it’s value for when you come to trade it in. The trouble is, there are loads of things that are out to damage your paint, here are a few more to be aware of. Image Credit Fuel Stains However careful you are with the fuel nozzle, it’s all to easy to spill petrol or diesel down the side of the car when filling up. If left for too long fuel…

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5-things-to-consider-for-your-warehouse-pallet-racking Reviews 

5 things to consider for your warehouse pallet racking

Getting the full benefit from warehouse pallet racking means taking several factors into consideration. Here we look at the top five. Image Credit 1. Select an appropriate pallet size and type Before you build the racking, you need to think about the size of pallet you are going to store. The size of pallet you need will depend on the best way to store your products and how many pallets you will need. Additional factors are the weight and height of the items on the pallet. Also consider whether you…

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essential-maintenance-and-care-for-your-fridge-freezer Reviews 

Essential Maintenance And Care For Your Fridge Freezer

Your fridge is a vital piece of kitchen equipment that needs to run faultlessly around the clock. However, it rarely gets sufficient TLC! How much time do you spend looking after this essential piece of kitchen kit? A few quick maintenance checks and jobs can help to ensure that your appliance works as well as it should for as long as possible. Image Credit Research suggests that the average commercial fridge freezers should run for about 13 years if they are well looked after – which is great incentive from…

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Is the FDA Really in the Pocket of the Medical Firms It Regulates Reviews 

Is the FDA Really in the Pocket of the Medical Firms It Regulates?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is a U.S. Department of Health agency responsible for ensuring the safety of products consumed in some way by the general public. These include food, tobacco, cosmetics and medical products. Image Credit Most people would assume the FDA to be authoritative, unbiased and trustworthy. It is charged with representing the interests of a population of whom few have any in-depth knowledge of medicines and vaccines. But is this accurate, or has this independence been corrupted in some way by the medical companies it is…

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How doctors and Big Pharma can collaborate for enhanced clinical trial results Reviews 

How doctors and Big Pharma can collaborate for enhanced clinical trial results

Doctors have long played a role in carrying out clinical trials, working with pharmaceutical companies developing medicines to be tested under strict regulations. Image Credit If, after a certain length of time and under certain conditions, the drug or product proves not only effective but safe, it must then pass a whole new set of regulations before it is allowed to be used in general practice. However, the instigation and progress of those clinical trials is very much under the control of the pharmaceutical company involved. Tensions These roles of…

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