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A Bloomin’ Good Idea

Floristry is a rewarding career as you experience the highs and lows of human existence. You will arrange the bouquet for an excited bride-to-be and then you may do flowers for her first child’s christening or naming ceremony. However, you will also be there for the funeral flowers when families are at their lowest. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will be upbeat occasions and so will birthdays and anniversaries. There are many occasions throughout the year that require the work of a florist and so it can be a very busy and demanding role. Keeping on top of orders and workload during peak seasonal times can be a real challenge.


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That is why a busy florist would benefit from a Membership Management System. Gain orders, manage daily business needs and advertise your services all from one easy to use dashboard. All your management tools can be streamlined and you will also be able to communicate via social media, text, email and phone by having all customer details in one place. The features can be catered to suit your individual business needs. Reporting tools enable you to hone in on potential sources of revenue and not miss opportunities for advertising and marketing. For more information, visit

There is a lot to contend with in the floristry business so a system like this will let you concentrate on the things that really matter and save time and money by streamlining your processes. This will give you the time to use the artistic, creative flair that led you to this career. Florists can get great job satisfaction working with their hands and have fantastic knowledge of flowers, greens and types of arrangements. Customer appreciation of a floral design is another reason to love this job.

Florists can feel the stress though at peak times of the year. Many unforeseen circumstances can arise at these times as well, adding to the workload, such as last minute birthday orders, funerals and births. Therefore, a florist must have a combination of artistic skills, customer skills and the ability to work effectively and calmly under pressure. A management system would help you to control this. Online bookings and payments can also feature as part of your system, helping to make admin and accounts a little easier too.

Use the system to send out news updates and suggested gift ideas for upcoming events such as Valentine’s Day. This can also help with stock control and be a great way to let your customers know what’s in season.

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