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Biggest doors in the world

Doors are quite simply, a gateway for people or things to come and go but imagine how big those doors would have to be to fit a space shuttle through? Oh yes, forget about the extremely average house doors, we’re going much bigger – gigantic in fact! Here we’ll take a look at some of the largest doors in the world.

Fort Knox Vault Doors

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that something is ‘harder to get into than Fort Knox’, well that should give you some indication of the magnitude of these doors! Their purpose is to guard America’s Gold bullion stores and the doors are a massive 250 tonnes. No single person knows the entire sequence to open the doors. They really don’t want people in there and have the doors to back that up too. Chances are you wouldn’t even get within the grounds as there are motion detectors, electrified fences and regular army patrols!

Antwerp House, Belgium

This is just a normal home but what makes it stand out are the 20 foot glass doors. Taller than a tree, they weigh 4.4 tonnes and lead the way into a private garden. At that weight, you’d think they would hard to open but thanks to a pivoting system built in, they are light and easy to open. I just wouldn’t want to clean them! If this has inspired you fit some new doors, albeit a bit smaller, then for French Doors Dublin, visit

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NASA Assembly Building, Florida

NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building was completed in 1966 and has to be gigantic as it is used for assembling space shuttles and has done for over thirty years. Located at the Kennedy Space Centre, it is the biggest single storey building on Earth with a volume of 3,664,883 cubic metres. The doors are 465 feet high, to accommodate the space shuttle. This is the same as the world’s tallest rollercoaster and three times the height of Niagara Falls! That is some mighty humungous doors.

Boeing Factory, USA

This warehouse is in Washington and was opened in 1967 for the purposes of assembling Boeing aircraft such as the 747. As you can see, size definitely matters here when you think of the need for moving aircraft around. More than 1,400 Boeing 747’s have been built here and due to need for vast areas of space, this is the largest building in the world by volume, at 13,385,378 cubic metres. This building has some pretty big doors.

Vikings Stadium, Minnesota

This stadium in Minnesota boasts some super-size doors too with five operable doors for welcoming fans. They are 95 feet tall and 55 feet wide with one of the doors weighing in at 57,000 pounds! The new stadium will have a capacity of 73,000 and will be a massive venue, which is just as well as they are set to host the Super Bowl in 2018.

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