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Dorset’s Spooky Secrets – Spooks of the South Coast

Dorset is probably best well known for being one of England’s most beautiful counties. Home of the Jurassic Coast, attracting both historians looking for ancient treasures and families looking for a day at the beach, Dorset has it all. Further inland, sleepy villages nestled in amongst a patchwork of fields where time can seem to stand still. Of course, it is a thriving and modern county also, modern businesses such as Dorset web design company  blend with the old, traditional Portland stone buildings. But beneath the seaside atmosphere, and the green fields, this is a county steeped in myths and ghostly legends…


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Tyneham village, is possibly the most haunted village in Dorset. It has a lot of history and can be found in the Doomesday book. The entire village is now completely uninhabited, and is used as a military firing range, after being taken over by the Ministry of Defence in 1943. They do have opening times for when visitors are allowed into the village. The atmosphere in the village is often described as eerie. This is partly due to the fact the whole village seems to stand still in time – it is as it was in 1943. There are many paranormal sightings reported here, and investigators have caught voices on tape, heard screaming noises and had stones thrown at them by an unexplained force. It is well worth a visit for anyone looking for some ghostly activity.

Durdle Door is one the most beautiful and photographed locations in the whole of the United Kingdom. A natural limestone arch near the area of Lulworth on the Jurassic coast, Durdle Door is certainly beautiful. But it is the scene of many reports of hauntings in the area. A sailor reported screaming from the shore, and a group of ghostly girls who danced in the water before vanishing. The ghost of Napoleon is also said to haunt this area – he can be seen looking at a map before vanishing.


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One of the more chilling haunting locations, is Bettiscombe Manor. The fact that it is known as the ‘House of the Screaming Skull’ gives some clues into the hauntings and chilling story behind it! The screaming skull story goes back to when the manor house owner John Frederick Pinney, refused to return the body of his slave back to his native Caribbean. As the man died, he said he would not rest until his body was returned to his home. John did not return him, and the night that he buried him at the local church, local villagers were plagued with screaming and rattling sounds throughout the night. The body was removed from the churchyard and brought to the house – where the body is nowhere to be found, all that remains is the skull.

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