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How to bleach jeans for a retro 80s look

If you love this look why not go DIY to create a pair unique to you?

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What you need

You’ll obviously need the jeans you want to bleach, as well as bleach and water to dilute it in. Use an old bowl to mix the water and bleach in, and something to put the bleach on with. A brush, sponge or spray could work, depending on the look you want. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands, and wear old clothes, in case they get bleached accidentally. The bath is a great place to bleach jeans.

How to do it

Here’s the route to creating your own womens designer jeans:

Firstly you need to dilute the bleach with water. Remember to wear your rubber gloves, to protect your hands during this process. We recommend using 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. For example, mix 100mls of bleach into 300mls of water.

Make the jeans damp with normal bleach free water to help them take the bleach better. Then lay them out in the bottom of the bath, or wherever you are working.

Use your sponge, brush or spray to bleach the jeans using the diluted mixture. Different methods like dabbing, scrubbing and spraying will give different looks, so think about what you want before you start. You can also pour the bleach straight on if you want a bold look. If you need some ideas, take a look at these catwalk styles.

When you’ve done one side, flip the jeans over and do the other.

Leave the bleach to work for about 5 minutes, then rinse your jeans in cold water.

Pop them in the washing machine on their own, and once they’re dry they’re ready to wear!

Other options

That really is all there is to creating a unique pair of womens designer jeans that only you will have.

If it sounds like a good idea you’ll never get around to doing, maybe you should buy something more unique to you. Take a look at sites like Cuba Clothing who stock womens designer jeans in a range of unusual colours and styles.

Alternatively, if you’re set on a classic 80s look, why not try finding a real vintage pair online or at a second hand store. Despite their popularity, vintage shops do offer affordable options.

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