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How To Pick the Right Carpet Material For Your Home

Picking the right carpet for your home is essential, because carpets come in a variety of different textures and fibres. Everyone’s home is different and what may be right for one home, may not be suitable for another. For example, a family home typically has more traffic, so requires a carpet that offers durability and is less likely to stain.


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If you have pets, this could affect your choice of carpet or carpet tiles.

Good Housekeeping has some handy tips for choosing the right carpet material. Here are our own tips for what to look out for, when choosing carpet materials for your home.

To explore the various carpet options, research online, for example, at sites like UK Flooring Direct (, which has a great range of different carpet options, from elegant and luxurious, to simple and functional.


Polyester has much to offer, because it is resistant to some water-based stains and doesn’t tend to fade out, as with many other carpet fibres. However, whilst it may be resistant to water-based stains, oily stains can be a problem. Polyester is a synthetic material which can wear down relatively quickly.

Nylon can be a fantastic choice for the home, because it is a versatile fibre which is widely available in many different styles and colours. This would be a great choice for a family home, because it tends to withstand traffic. It also has good elasticity, so it can bounce back into shape without any problems. It is also easy to clean, which is a plus in busy households.


Wool is a beautiful fibre which is strong and perfect for busy households. It is fairly easy to clean and can neutralise odours. It is flame retardant and one of the more environmentally friendly choices available. However, it isn’t a budget option and can stain fairly easily.


This option is less expensive than nylon and is hardwearing. It is lovely and soft and fairly stain-resistant, which makes it a particularly popular choice.

Choosing the right carpet for your home will be largely dependent on whether you have a family, and the overall costs. Choosing the right carpet can enhance a room, to ensure that it is warm and inviting, whilst also being stylish.

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