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I want to lose weight, but do not know what to do…?

“I want to lose weight, but do not know what to do…?” This is a phrase I hear quite often. Usually accompanied by various taglines such as “… I have tried a lot of diets and nothing works for me”… I have no willpower”… I lose weight and gain back quickly”

Perhaps the main reason for “failure” is that weight control should not be a goal in itself since it is not the main problem, but is the result of…

Behind overweight, in most cases, there is a lifestyle unsuited to the physiological needs of the person. An unbalanced and / or poor diet combined, rapid and shallow breathing, inadequate or non-existent exercise habits toxic (snuff, alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, etc.), or a combination of all these elements. If all other harmful healthier habits are replaced, the balance will be restored in the body and weight will be readjusted only, on a permanent basis, without having to worry about it the least.

Our body has very simple and needs. Who would think to run the engine of a Ferrari filling the fuel tank with beer? Does not our body deserve the best fuel, power to fill us and make us function at the highest level? Does alcohol, snuff, bakery products, denatured foods, meals “prefabricated” and all the “wonderful foods” that offers to advertise are the best we can give? I do not think so…

So … what is best suited to nourish the body and keep it healthy? It is very easy, simply apply three simple principles:


1 – Breathe deeply and slowly

If the most abundant element in the body, by far, is the oxygen (65%), essential for cellular respiration, it is easy to deduce that the principle number one health is correct breathing, ie, deep and slow.

Pulmonary respiration not only serves to oxygenate the cells, plus the movement of expansion of the rib cage acts as a suction pump which controls along with the pumping action exerted by the contraction / muscle relaxation of the musculoskeletal system, venous return and the flow rate of the lymphatic system, the drainage pipes of the body. For this reason, a limited breathing is not only the cause of poor cellular oxygenation, is also the cause of poor blood and lymph circulation, which leads to a dangerous buildup of toxins in the body.

2 – Eat mainly fresh fruits and vegetables

If 70% of our body is composed of water, logically, it is desirable that our diet is mainly composed of water-rich foods, fresh fruit, and vegetables, approximately in the proportion of 70% of all food eaten.

The quality of life depends on the quality of cellular life. If the bloodstream is loaded with waste products, cell life develops in an unfavorable environment, a possible cause of multiple diseases and physical disorders.

The best way to get the bloodstream and lymphatic system rid of wastes and toxins produced by cellular metabolism is to get enough water so that the body can more easily dilute the products and thus eliminate them. It is also very important to reduce food intake that overwhelms the bodies responsible for disposal. It makes little sense gorging on toxins and then worries about looking for the best way to get rid of them, it is clear that the less Mess, unless you have to clean.

Some people should drink eight to twelve glasses of water daily to “drain the system.” Flood the body to try to purify it could even be counterproductive; also it is not necessary, just to get enough water through food. The amount of fluid you drink should dictate their thirst.

3 – Combine different foods properly

The starchy foods, carbohydrates (rice, bread, potatoes, etc.), require an alkaline digestive medium. Digestion begins in the mouth thanks to an enzyme called ptyalin found in saliva. He continues digestion in the small intestine, passing them through the stomach substantially without change.

Instead, protein foods (meat, fish, milk and dairy products, nuts, seeds) needed for digestion an acidic medium, pepsin and hydrochloric acid. These enzymes are secreted in the stomach, where digestion of proteins begins.

Chemically two opposing means, acid, and alkaline, cannot exist simultaneously since they neutralize each other. If a protein is ingested together with a starch, digestion is impaired and is much slower.

You should always eat fruit on an empty stomach and not as dessert. Because of its high water content is digested very fast. If mixed with other food digestion and delayed fermentations occur.

Undigested food becomes breeding ground for bacteria, which produce fermentation and decomposition, which is manifested in the form of digestive and gas problems, and creates excess acids that thicken the blood and hinders your movement, depriving oxygen to the body.

Incompatible combinations rob us of energy for a large amount of time required for digestion, and all that causes a loss of energy is the potential source of a possible disease.

The best way to check the validity of these simple principles is to put them into practice for at least one month, introducing any necessary changes gradually.

Perhaps during the first few days as the body begins to break free from accumulated toxins, some discomfort, which naturopaths called ‘crisis detoxification “which will be more or less annoying depending on a number of toxins accumulated can occur over the years. You just have to be patient and constant, always in comfort. The effects are spectacular at all levels.

Slimming without sacrifice

The natural condition of people is health and wellness. Within each being there is a healing power “the healing power of nature”, “inner doctor”.

I start making some history to remember the most famous ancient Greek physician, called the father of medicine, “Hippocrates”.

In the years 400 BC founded on the island of Cos a medical school and she developed the science of Dietetics.

In those days and the causes they were investigated and it was imperative that the sick person is responsible for his healing taking part in the process.

To do this investigating what had weakened the life force of the human being and had made the development of the disease possible. They were trying to maintain the health of soul and body getting a model of a form of natural and sensible life given six requirements:

  • Light and air.
  • Healthy food.
  • Movement and rest.
  • Appropriate to the nature in waking and sleep rhythm.
  • Excretions without disorders.
  • Spiritual serenity.

Each person has special conditions of existence, marked by our environment at all levels, we are so conditioned that we fall into a state of feeling so trapped we lose all strength to get out. Now we can have a variety of techniques that can change much this perception, and to feel the illusion that characterizes us when we see the possibility of a positive outcome.

Also, keep in mind that each person is different and you cannot keep a method for everyone, and there is where using the personal study, you get to make a facilitator plan in partnership with the features and capabilities of each.

Let’s focus on one aspect of this plan “the type of power”.

The type of food

The type of food has varied greatly over the centuries, however, the concept of nutrition (knowledge eating well) belongs to the last century.

Now it is normal to ask ourselves what constitutes food we eat, what their fate in the body, what they are, how they transform, what can it happen to the body if you lack and poor quality or misuse thereof. Of course the climate, customs, traditions, religious reasons, technical and industrial developments … have been changing eating habits for good and bad, so it is important to understand this process in order to glimpse at some clarity on the issue that concerns us; “Where we should focus to get that physical appearance and health that much-desired”.

At the beginning, our diet consisted of what we paraben forests, rivers, and seas. With the discovery of fire and the appearance of the first cooking utensils, we started facilitating the process of digestion. Subsequently, he began grazing and later agriculture, so we get a richer and varied by mixing animal and vegetable products diet. Yes, I had some special characteristics that marked the type of food being in the tropics and torrid countries people fundamentally vegetarian, carnivore in cold climates and a mixed diet in temperate climates. According to races also had a certain way of eating by tradition and custom or religious reasons, and were in the time of Hippocrates and Galen when he began to see the importance of food to maintain good health.

When the roller mills presented it began producing white flour, milled rice, sugar production on a large scale that was widely used because of its abundance and cheapness, introducing an imbalance in modern diet in favor of carbohydrates and now we know how harmful it can become, facilitating the emergence of diseases such as diabetes, tooth decay, lack of group B …, etc.

And all this came later, excesses of all kinds, is what has led us to not be able to maintain a weight within health measures.

Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are present in the diet but always in the right proportion for each person, and there is where you must enter the knowledge and experience of professional, making a detailed study of the conditions of each person and adapting the diet to their vital needs, their environment, and economy, while maintaining the scientific concept of food “healing diet concept” for this we have to take into account the basic function of the digestive system, which converts food into molecules small, so they can pass the body through chewing and with the contribution of digestive enzymes that break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates to get those small molecules that can be absorbed through the mucosal cells of the small intestine, and which then enter the blood or lymph, along with minerals, water, and vitamins. Therefore, it is important to take care of all these details, in order to facilitate this process and maintain health and achieve the desired look.

There are also other aspects that affect us when feed and are the flavors that may hinder or promote intake. It must be taken into account and work it to get the right conditions that benefit our well – being, as they depend on the texture, temperature or mood, very different depending on the person in question, so my insistence that the methods should be personalized and never generic.

I also like to talk a little about the vitamins, these substances so necessary for the body and that cannot be synthesized by it. Foods that we select is important, as we think we are getting enough vitamin contribution with which we eat, but is that because of the treatment they receive this food storage and even cause their loss. Whereupon, not just the right amount of food to provide us with the necessary vitamins, but also the quality to get a good cell function in our body, because without them we could not take advantage of the constructive elements and energy supplied in the diet by proteins, sugars, starches, and fats.

In short, the chemical value of the food should be analyzed by the body consumes, each different and with different results. Therefore, it must be considered case by case, to achieve energy harmony with one intended by the person requesting it without great sacrifices results.

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