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Improving Leicester

Why would you visit Leicester? There are many attractions in the area and the city is a vibrant place with great heritage and culture. One of the main reasons why Leicester is becoming a great place to visit is it’s focus on accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. This is a city that is really going the extra mile to create a welcoming and safe city centre to enjoy all the city has to offer in a much nicer environment.

There is a strong feeling of pride in the city and foundations are being laid for a future of increased connectivity and accessibility between places to shop, enjoy leisure activities, heritage, housing and transport. Improvements have already been made to the public areas of Applegate, Newarke Street and Guildhall Lane. Applegate now has a much improved pedestrian route linking the modern shopping areas with the 15th century Wygston House.

There are ambitious plans for the regeneration of the Golden Mile, where Leicester puts on huge diwali celebrations annually. The Golden Mile is also a national shopping destination and the scheme to improve it has already seen a flyover demolished, road layout improvements, better pedestrian routes and additional parking. Leicester Market’s public square is also set for a makeover. If you’re a local Leicester business with a website that could use a makeover, then think about using the services of a Leicester Web design company. For more information, visit

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Leicester’s new food hall is well worth a visit and has recently undergone significant redevelopment. The new contemporary design features a bright and airy space for shoppers to purchase fresh produce. This development was the first phase in the council’s £9.2 million redevelopment of Leicester Market. It is fantastic to see new life breathed into city centre projects.

Jubilee Square has also seen improvements with the planting of trees and a new open area featuring large lawns and a hardstanding area that can accommodate social events such as an ice rink at Christmas. Clever lighting shows off the unique features of the buildings, including Wygston’s House which is the oldest complete timber-framed building in Leicester. This square is important as it links the old town area with the modern city centre and beautiful historic buildings are close by, such as the Cathedral and the Guildhall.

Leicester is investing in it’s heritage and it’s future by putting plans in place that will make it easier for pedestrians to travel around and visit the tourist attractions, markets and the lovely open spaces. The goal is to link retail, leisure and entertainment with the city’s heritage to make it more attractive for both visitors to the city and those who live in, invest in and work in it. A city that appreciates it’s residents and visitors and understands that investing in continuous improvement is the way to grow, is a city well worth visiting.

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