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Seven considerations for setting up a home office

Working from home is an attractive proposition for many people. Your workplace might allow you to work from home or you may be setting up your own business or freelancing. In any case, it is important to find a place where you can work. Companies put a lot of thought into individual work spaces and we recommend you do, too.

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Communication is key

Technology enables you to work from anywhere in the world, but you do need to be accessible, which means having a great internet connection. Find a place in your home where the Wi-Fi works at its best so you are not cut off during an important conference call.

Storage space

Although many documents can be stored in the cloud, there are times when you will want hard copies. For accounting or legal purposes, some documents need to be kept for several years, so you need to have storage space for these files.

Are you sitting comfortably?

You may have a vision of sitting on the sofa and working with one eye on your TV, but you will soon feel the strain in your back and arms. You need a proper workstation with a desk, office chair and good lighting.

Switching off after work

The temptation is to keep working or check emails in the evening when you work from home, but you need to switch off and relax after hours, which is why locking your office studio at night is a good idea.

Getting the location right

Bearing all of the above in mind, it may make sense for your office to be away from your main home building. If you have the space, you could set up an office studio in your garden, such as those provided by Then you can walk away from your garden office when your office hours are over.

Create a work schedule

Sometimes you need to work late to hit deadlines, but you also need to disconnect. Create a schedule of working hours with room to manouevre for unexpected workloads, and make sure you create time for hobbies, family and friends.

Keep it professional

Your mindset needs to stay professional – even if you are working in your pyjamas – which is why your office space needs to look business-like with everything you need in the right place.

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