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Seven ways to protect your car from theft

Keeping your car safe from thieves is incredibly important, as you’re protecting a major investment and a lifeline for your work and social life.

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With these seven tips, you stand a better chance of avoiding disaster, as even valuable, well equipped vehicles can still be taken.

Try self-clamping

Although parking clamps may be a pain when applied by someone else, if you buy one of your own and put it on your car when it is unattended, crooks will steer well clear of it.

Pick a safe parking spot

Some places are safer than others to leave a car parked up for prolonged periods, so if you have a garage at home, use it.

Disable the engine

For older cars, removing a spark plug is an effective way of disabling the engine. without doing any permanent damage. That means that even if thieves get hold of the keys, they will not be able to drive off in your valuable vehicle.

Buy a quick release steering wheel

As with the spark plug, a car without a steering wheel is no good to anyone, especially thieves. You can get specialists to install a steering column adaptation that lets you quickly add or remove the wheel at the press of a button, letting you store it somewhere safe.

Get a camera kit

Vehicle cameras, like those available from sites such as, are increasingly affordable and well specified, both for monitoring the road while you are driving and for keeping an eye on your car when you are elsewhere. They can record audio and video as well as being able to send alerts remotely, so you know if your car has been started up without your permission.

Install a kill switch setup

Some specialists offer the option to add kill switches to cars, either as a single switch or multiple switches which need to be activated in a specific sequence in order to get the vehicle started. This is more expensive but is ultimately a more comprehensive way to ensure total protection.

Consider conspicuous anti-theft options

Preventing opportunistic car thieves from even starting to try and steal your motor is easy, if you have a few very obvious anti-theft systems in place. A steering wheel lock, a hand brake lock and a well signed alarm system will ensure crooks stay away.

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