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We All Scream for Ice Cream

When it comes to popular foods, ice cream is sure to be top of most people’s lists and can be a good investment for a catering business. Whether you opt for a traditional ice cream parlour or a mobile business at farmers’ markets and festivals, there are plenty of ways to diversify.


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Classic products

Although ice cream has been around for many hundreds of years, it has only really been commercially viable since the advent of mechanical refrigeration. Previously it required simply too much ice to keep it cool for more than a few hours, but mechanical and gas cooling systems extended its shelf life considerably. The very first recognisable ice creams were a form of sweetened milk, with the addition of an egg custard developed in France in the 19th century. This is basis of vanilla ice cream as we know it, still the most popular flavour today.

New directions

Adding different flavours to the custard and cream base can be achieved by the inclusion of ingredients such as fruit or confectionery and the variety available is almost limitless. But traditional-style ice cream is not the only option. Today a huge variety of production methods and speciality ingredients can be used to create a range of frozen desserts. Gelato is an Italian version which typically uses more milk, less cream and rarely includes eggs, giving it a creamy, silky texture but with a lower fat content. It is also served at a slightly warmer temperature, which allows for a more intense flavour. Frozen yoghurt is a popular choice with the health conscious. There is also a market for ice creams made with sheep’s milk, which is a good choice for those allergic to cow’s milk.

Storing and displaying your products

With such an attractive and colourful product, displaying it to its best advantage can be a powerful sales tool. Glass fronted chiller cabinets are a good option, as they allow customers to see the products you have for sale. You will need a high performance commercial fridge freezer to store both the ice cream and any toppings you want to sell so why not go to FFD a commercial refrigeration specialist to suit your requirements.

From classic ice cream to unusual blends in innovative flavours, all frozen treats are a firm favourite.

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